Residential Services

This service is for residential customers who would like regularly scheduled pool, spa, and/or water feature cleaning. This is normally a weekly service.

Weekly services include brushing, netting, and skimming the pool, emptying the skimmer baskets, and checking the pool’s water chemistry. Chemicals are added as necessary. Pool equipment is checked for proper operation and pump baskets are emptied. Pool Cleaning equipment, pool vacuums and pop up cleaning systems, are inspected and maintained. Pool vacuum in-line leaf catch canisters are emptied. Pool vacuuming is normally provided one time per month. Regularly scheduled backwashing of Sand Filters is included.

Chemicals are not included in the price.

Pool Cleaning

Below is a list of the services provided.




Empty Skimmer Baskets

Checking Water Chemistry / Adding Chemicals

Checking Pool Equipment for Proper Operation

Empty Pump Baskets

Pool Cleaning Equipment (Pool Vacuums, Pop Up Systems)

In-Line Canisters

Pool Vacuuming

Routine Backwashing of Sand Filter

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

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